Star Wars Legion Elite Signature Edition

Star Wars Legion Elite Signature Edition

Legendary Elite Signature Edition:

Fully Painted Game
Theme woodland bases
Magnetized AT-RT guns
Dice bag and movement stick bag (with your choice of Dark or Light side logo.)
Custom Star Wars Legion game cover

Note: If game is out of stock at major retailers expect delays.

We make your gaming legendary!  How?
* Detailed and professionally painted by an artist that loves the game as much as you do!  We recognize this is your custom order and we are dedicated to making it legendary and to your complete satisfaction.
* We paint from Star Wars, to WarHammer, to KickStarter games - our passion is with bringing all games to life for you.
* Realistic colors
* Lifelike faces and personal detailing
* Smooth blending
* High contrast
* Advanced weathering techniques, chipping, mud, grim, dust, rust (when applicable)
* Optional themed bases
* All black bases are primed to reduce chipping
* Premium paints only - full line of every major brand (Vallejo, P3, Reaper, Scale 75, Citadel, AK Interactive, Army Painter)
* All models are sealed in Model Masters Lusterless Flat
* Special Elite edition accessory options available for any order:
            * Custom and handmade embroidered dice bags, dice mats, or dust bags
            * 3D printed and custom painted gaming pieces coming soon!  (Star Wars Legion, WarHammer, etc...)
* Personal communication throughout your order to be able to answer any questions, provide updates, and discuss customizations
* Secure packaging and shipment - your investment is safe with us from start to finish
* We process orders as we get them, contact us for your personal delivery time

If you already have the game, no problem.  Contact me and save.

If you would like other models painted and you like my work please contact me.  I would happily paint your miniatures to your liking. 

Making gaming legendary,
Golden Candle Studio